Dragon Slayers

by Sir Wyvern Pugilist;

Dragon Slayers
Publication date: 2011-11-01
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9781557256843

So you want to be a Dragon Slayer, do you? Well then, you have picked the right book.

So begins Sir Wyvern Pugilist’s new guide for preparing the young to engage the snarly and slimy monsters presently inhabiting our world. Lest you think, however, that this is a manual for anyone casually contemplating a match with a dragon, read on. Pugilist, an experienced Dragon Slayer, makes it clear that this is no small task, and he pulls no punches. He alternately yells and cajoles, pleads and flatters—whatever it takes to grow his students into bona fide Dragon Slayers. But be careful: This is only for those who are most serious about facing the malicious monsters (sin!) head-on! Sir Wyvern includes the essentials on the armor (of God!) and powerful prayers to ward off attacks from dragons.

"Would that all Dragon Slayers wrote like this! Wyvern Pugilist, where have you been all our lives?" The Boston Post and Intelligentsia

"It was not until I read this guide that I discovered I have used all the wrong methods in fighting dragons." —An Anonymous Dragon Slayer in California

"There is no doubt that Sir Wyvern Pugilist’s detailed guidebook will spring to the top of the bestseller lists in no time. I suggest you buy yours now, before the title sells out and you have to wait in line for more copies. Because wait-in-line you will!" —Joanne de Arc, Director Emeritus, French Institute for the Slaying of the Dragons

"Congratulations to Paraclete Press for successfully persuading Sir Wyvern to put pen to paper and for giving us this new manual on Dragon Slaying with the armor (of God)! It is long overdue! We enthusiastically recommend this guidebook for young and old alike, it’s just that good." Slayers’ Weekly

"This book is genius in the way it is written and the lessons it teaches. Kids don’t always like to learn about right and wrong, but they love learning about dragons and dragon slayers...and they love being dragon slayers! I have spoken to kids all over the country, and I’ve yet to come across kids who are not interested in slaying dragons, including my own four children. There is something powerful about naming our vices, giving them a picture, and describing the "stench of the dragon." My kids have all these dragons memorized and they know everything about them, so when they act in a way they shouldn’t I simply have to name the dragon. Not only do they know the dragons, they know the weapons (virtues) that can defeat the dragons. This manual by Sir Wyvern Pugilist has my highest recommendation." —John R. Wood, author of "Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Mission"
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