Do You Believe? Living the Baptismal Covenant


Do You Believe? Living the Baptismal Covenant
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The baptismal covenant, empowering all the baptized to minister in the name of Christ, is at the heart of our lives as Christians. But how well do parishes articulate the importance of this call for all their members? What kind of job do parishes do of integrating the covenant into the life and work of the congregation? In Do You Believe?, author Nancy Ann McLaughlin takes a look at some forty Episcopal parishes around the country to see just what an active, intentional, energized awareness of baptismal ministry looks like. Examining each of the elements of the covenant–from believing in God to continuing the preaching of the apostles – the book offers practical advice for turning words into concrete actions.

This is an excellent book for parish study and reflection, offering ways that individuals and congregations can envision the church–and their own lives – as a dynamic relationship with God.

129539 Nancy Ann McLaughlin

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