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Divining the Body: Reclaim the Holiness of Your Physical Self

by Jan Phillips

Divining the Body: Reclaim the Holiness of Your Physical Self
Publication date: 2005-02-01
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9781594730801

Honor Your Body as the Instrument of Your Soul

This book is an attempt to undo the damage we've sustained living in a culture that thrives on our self-hatred. It is a sanctification of our human bodies, a consecration of ourselves as hosts to the Great Beloved. It is a journey of awe and reverence through the sacred terrain of foot and hand, back and breast, heart and brain. The path to peace is the pathway through ourselves, starting with the inward step, the brave, gentle step toward the Divine within.
―from the Introduction

Our view of the human body is always evolving. From the goddess-worship of civilizations millennia ago, to the strict social rules of Victorian England, to the modern feminist movement, the human body―particularly the feminine body―has always been a point of interest, mystery and contention.

Discover an entirely new way to look at your body―as a pathway to the Divine. Award-winner Jan Phillips takes you on an energizing journey through your physical self, drawing connections between the bone, muscle and sinew of your body and the spiritual teachings of various faith traditions, modern scientific research and her own experiences. You will find yourself empowered to work to transform the world around you and overcome self-defeating thoughts through positive, practical exercises and meditations that show you how to climb back into your body and honor it as the temple of God that it is.

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