Decision-Making & Spiritual Discernment

by Nancy L. Bieber

Decision-Making & Spiritual Discernment
Publication date: 2010-09-30
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9781594732898
When it comes time to make important decisions in our lives, it is very human to want to feel that the decisions we are making are good. When we approach decision-making as a spiritual practice, we are recognizing that we need the aid of the wise and loving Spirit whose Light exceeds our own.

This is the practice of spiritual discernment, the traditional religious name for listening and attending to God’s guidance. While traditional religious language speaks of finding “God’s will,” the approach in this book is that we are active participants, co-creators with the Divine in shaping our lives. Drawing on twenty-five years of experience as a psychologist and fifteen years of experience as a spiritual director, Nancy L. Bieber presents three essential aspects of Spirit-led decision-making:

  • Willingness—being open to God’s wisdom and love
  • Attentiveness—noticing what is true, discerning the path right for us
  • Responsiveness—taking steps forward as the way becomes clear

With gentle encouragement, Bieber shows us how to weave these themes together so that they strengthen our decision-making process and help us find our path.

Each chapter is enriched by detailed and practical spiritual exercises, which serve as tools for our process of decision-making. An appendix includes a guide for using this book in groups, with reading assignments, practices and meditations for each session.
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