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Dearly Beloved: Navigating Your Church Wedding

by Andrew MacBeth

Dearly Beloved: Navigating Your Church Wedding
Publication date: 2007-07-01
ISBN: 9781596270602
A down-to-earth yet spiritually grounded guide that helps couples of all ages to sort out their financial, social, familial, and religious priorities with an experienced priest before their relatives and wedding planners take over. Perceptively and with a light touch, MacBeth covers:

Why have a church wedding?
What does the service mean?
How do you deal with family expectations?
Why is everyone driving you crazy?
How do you make a wedding into a worship service?
The final chapter focuses on non-traditional couples including divorced couples, couples of differing ages, blended families, widows and widowers, same-sex couples, elderly couples, and interfaith couples.Andrew MacBeth