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Deacons in the Liturgy: 2nd Edition

by Ormonde Plater

Deacons in the Liturgy: 2nd Edition
Publication date: 2009-06-01
Number of pages: 129
ISBN: 9780898696349
In the Anglican churches of North America, and sometimes elsewhere, there are two complaints about deacons in the liturgy: Bishops and priests complain that deacons don't know how to do liturgy. Deacons complain that bishops and priests won't let them do liturgy. The solution lies in liturgical formation, both theological and practical. This book is designed to help provide that formation for bishops, priests, deacons, and indeed for all the people of God.

The introduction provides a brief history of the use of deacons in Anglican liturgies, from 1549 to the present, including characteristics and statement of purposes. Chapters include:

General Norms
Ordinary Functions, including Worship Space, Movements and Gestures, Vestments, Books, Music, and Blessings.

Christian Initiation
Material on Holy Baptism, the Catechumenate and Holy Baptism, and Emergency Baptism.

Holy Eucharist
The four parts of the Eucharist, plus a discussion of Other Forms of Celebration.

Daily Office
The deacon's role in various forms of the daily office, especially when sung or solemnly celebrated.

Seasonal Liturgies
The various seasons of the church year, from Advent to Pentecost.

Pastoral Liturgies
Special focus on confirmation, marriage, ministry to the sick and dying, and burial.

Liturgies with a Bishop
Simple (one deacon) to ornate (several deacons) services.Ormonde Plater