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Day by Day: Loving God More Dearly

Day by Day: Loving God More Dearly

The popular song Day by Day  from “Godspell” was actually written in the Middle Ages by Richard of Chichester, a saint remembered for his humility, his perseverance in times of hardship, his care for the poor, and the strength and generosity of his faith. After his death miracles of healing were said to have taken place through his intercession, and a shrine grew up at his cathedral in Chichester, a small city south of London. His had been a life of close friendships and high position, but also exclusion, exile and poverty.

The intonations of a brave and searching man on his knees can be heard throughout this prayer. Borsch uses the life of Richard to illuminate and guide us as we seek day by day to see more clearly, love more dearly and follow God more nearly. These intellectually solid meditations draw on Scripture and church history to aid us in our devotional life.

Frederick Borsch
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