Crockford's Clerical Directory 2008/09


Crockford's Clerical Directory 2008/09
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ISBN: 9780715110300
This renowned reference tome, first published in 1858, is an essential resource for anyone who works with or is linked to the Church of England. It contains the biographies of over 26,000 Anglican clergy as well as extensive supplementary information. It has included over 15,000 updated entries since the previous edition. It provides over 14,000 email addresses. It includes web-site addresses of diocesan offices where available.Line drawings of the Arms of the English Sees have been added to Episcopal Succession lists. Entries for the presiding Bishops and Archbishops.It contains full biographies for all retired clergy and a list of who have died since the last edition. It contains a separate supplement of biographies of those made deacon at Michaelmas 2007.It includes listings of Chaplains in English schools, universities, colleges of higher and further education, the armed services, prisons, theological colleges and courses, clergy attached to the Chapel Royal, the College of Chaplains, and other appointments. It covers the English, Welsh and Irish benefices and churches and Scottish incumbencies. It features maps of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland showing diocesan boundaries. 157260

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