Creative Seasonal Retreats

by Stephen SPencer;

Creative Seasonal Retreats
Publication date: 2015-06-01
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9781848257900

Build your own seasonal retreat programmes with this unique resource. Offering material for use throughout the Christian year, it uses the Church's seasons to explore the different ways that Christ meets us, the saving mysteries of each season, and the ways that the seasons resonate with varying life stages:

  • Advent: Beginning again
  • Christmas:Finding God
  • Epiphany: Seeing glory
  • Lent: Finding acceptance
  • Passiontide: Growing in compassion
  • Easter: Growing in faith
  • Ascensiontide: Making sense of it all
  • Pentecost: Sensing the Spirit
  • Ordinary Time: Visions of the whole
Drawing on on Scripture, Christian tradition and contemporary psychological insights such as the Enneagram, it offers two outline retreat programmes for each season, with a wide range of imaginative activities and spiritual exercises. The outlines are readily adaptable to half day, whole day or weekend retreats and are suitable for group or individually-guided retreats.
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