Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship

by Simon Rundell

Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship
Publication date: 2010-07-31
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9781848250239

How can one achieve fresh expressions of church against a backdrop of millennia of church history, liturgy and tradition? Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship explores a theology and method of creative, alternative worship which returns to the heart of the encounter with God - through ritual, symbol and in its ultimate expression, in sacramentalism.

Created by an active practitioner in this field, Church of England priest and curator of the alternative worship experience Blessed, Simon Rundell provides examples, vision and practical know-how to enable readers to create and engage in alternative worship which is innovative, missionary and creative, using the richness of tradition and the depth of the catholic and orthodox spiritualities.

This work provides a DVD of material for the reader to adapt and implement as well as a wealth of ideas for the reader’s own expressions of postmodern worship.

Printed version available

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