Creative Dissent: A Politician's Struggle for Peace

by Douglas Roche

Creative Dissent: A Politician's Struggle for Peace
Publication date: 2008-09-30
Number of pages: 383
ISBN: 9782896460298

A political autobiography that explores the tensions of balancing a public life with a life of faith.

Featuring a compelling introduction from the Right Honourable Joe Clark, Creative Dissent recounts Douglas Roche’s personal life story. Roche is one of those rare Canadians who has served his country as a member of parliament, a member of the senate and as an ambassador, living his life in a very public arena. Over the past 30 years he has emerged as one of the world’s most passionate advocates for nuclear disarmament, travelling around the globe speaking to politicians and the general public alike.

Throughout the book we see how Roche managed to find a balance between his public role and the personal world of a family man of deep faith.

This is an inspiring book about the struggle to maintain an authentic commitment to faith and meaning, even as the world seems to edge closer to the brink of destruction.

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