Seasons of Hope: Participant Journal 3

by M. Donna Macleod;

Seasons of Hope: Participant Journal 3
Publication date: 2007-10-01
ISBN: 9781594711145

Seasons of Hope consists of a comprehensive guidebook for leaders and four participant journals. The program offers twenty-four scripture-based sessions for grievers, organized into four six-week seasons, three times as many as other books or bereavement programs. Each season is self-contained and non-sequential so that participants may begin with any of the four seasons and parish leaders may schedule the six-week seasons as fits the particular pastoral needs of each individual parish.

The participant journal is for use in group gatherings and home journaling. Each week offers a theme, commentary, scripture citations for further reading, and spiritual exercises drawn from Catholic tradition.

The four seasonal journals follow the same pattern and can be used consecutively in a parish, but are also designed to stand alone.

M. Donna MacLeod, RN, MSN, is nationally recognized for her work in bereavement ministry. Inspired by the loss of her youngest child and the compassionate response of her parish in 1988, MacLeod began faith sharing groups for those who mourn. Her innovative work rooted in Catholic traditions evolved into the Seasons of Hope program.

A seasoned educator and facilitator, MacLeod consults with parishes and dioceses across the country and conducts training, workshops, mission days, and retreats. She is a member of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers and served on the board of trustees of the National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved. Author of the Seasons of Hope Guidebook and companion participant journals, MacLeod has also written articles on grief for various publications and has also written CareNotes and PrayerNotes. MacLeod volunteers in the Diocese of Fall River (Massachusetts) and lives on Cape Cod with husband, Bryan.

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