Controversies in Queer Theology (Controversies in Contextual Theology)

by Susannah Cornwall

Controversies in Queer Theology (Controversies in Contextual Theology)
Publication date: 2011-06-15
Number of pages: 294
ISBN: 9780334043553
Queer theology is a significant new development and central to much current teaching and thinking about gender, sexuality and the body. Controversies in Queer Theology provides an overview of the main areas of difference and debate in queer theologies, engaging with and critiquing all the major writers working in this area. Controversies in Queer Theology aims to contextualize the emergence of varying strands of queer theology over the last two decades, and to show how these link with the broader imperatives arising in queer theory. It focuses on areas of difference and dissent among queer theologians. The author asks questions such as 'Is Queer Theology Synonymous with Gay Theology?'; 'Is Queer Theology Inherently White or Western?'; ' Is the Christian Theological Tradition Queer or Anti-Queer?' and 'Should Queer People Remain in the Christian Tradition?' 170205 Susannah Cornwall
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