Controversies in Feminist Theologies (Controversies in Contextual Theology)


Controversies in Feminist Theologies (Controversies in Contextual Theology)
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ISBN: 9780334040507
Controversies in Feminist Theologies is a clear and accessible analysis of the current controversies within feminist theologies. It uses many of the themes of systematic theology to examine whether feminist theology has a future or whether its discourse and praxis has become bankrupt. The authors expand this question through an examination of whether the whole project of systematic theology has become outmoded. The book is the first to expose the myth of homogeneity and some of the common stereotypes and myths surrounding Feminist Theologies, from a methodological and thematic perspective. It addresses current stereotypes built around North Atlantic and Third World feminist theology, including issues concerning Mariology, the use of the Bible and the centrality of women's experiences in feminist praxis, while highlighting the richness of different and at times opposite positions in the debates of theology, gender and sexuality. 145829 Althaus-Reid & Isherwood, eds., Marcella Althaus-Reid, Lisa Isherwood

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