Controversies in Body Theology (Controversies in Contextual Theology)


Controversies in Body Theology (Controversies in Contextual Theology)
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ISBN: 9780334041573
This is a collection which brings together authors from around the world. The book dares to examine some of the most extreme approaches to the body that our society engages with. What makes this book unique is that it does not dismiss what may be the more difficult and challenging areas of the body and society, rather it embraces them as an embodied resource for the ever-expanding task of considering the nature of incarnation through the lens of body theology. Topics range from cosmetic surgery and the bible to the sacramental nature of self harm in young girls. Along the way the book looks at the Puritan heritage of 'Extreme Makeover' programmes and the pernicious theology inherent in 'Slim for Him' programmes. 153155 Althaus-Reid & Isherwood, eds.

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