Connecting with Baptism


Connecting with Baptism
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ISBN: 9780715141106
Connecting with Baptism is a comprehensive and accessible companion resource to help clergy and lay leaders unpack Christian initiation pastorally, practically and theologically. In a down-to-earth and stimulating way it provides an enormous amount of practical help, background information and suggestions for clergy and lay leaders involved in taking policy decisions, providing pastoral care and using the initiation services. Written from a wealth of pastoral and liturgical experience, it covers the whole scope of Christian initiation, including baptism and confirmation. Topics covered include: Infant baptism Connecting initiation with mission and evangelism The role of godparents Preparing adults for Christian initiation Helping those who are baptized or confirmed to grow in faith Christian initiation in Fresh Expressions of church The guide includes real-life stories, discussion starters and helpful cross-references to other sections in the text and the Bible. 157265 Earey et al, eds.

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