Confessions of a Fake Priest


Confessions of a Fake Priest
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ISBN: 9780898693607
"There is a certain glibness - a certain tongue-in-cheekness - about the way I use the word 'fake' with regard to my priesthood. And I intend it that way. Not as a joke. Not as a throwaway line. And not as a clever repartee designed to sidestep my own accountability . . . . But it's the word I choose; and I have not been able to find one better, to describe this terrible and shocking notion that continues to hold me in its grip, that I have no business here."

Such candor is the hallmark of Caroline S. Fairless's new JourneyBook which is the story of her journey to ordination, her ordained life, her disillusion, and her rebirth into a new understanding of priesthood. Her story is a tapestry, weaving together the strands of reflection and experience, in the tale of a rich and complex search for authenticity. 156852 Caroline S. Fairless

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