Concilium 2009/3 Eco-theology

by Wainwright et al, eds.

Concilium 2009/3 Eco-theology
Publication date: 2009-08-25
ISBN: 9780334031048
Concilium is an international theological journal published five times a year in five languages. With its origins in the renewal of Catholic theological thinking following the Second Vatican Council, ""Concilium"" draws together a wide range of the best of current leading theological writers from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. It is a catholic journal in the widest sense: rooted firmly in the Catholic heritage, open to other Christian tradition and the world's faiths. Each issue of ""Concilium"" focuses on a theme of crucial importance and the widest possible concern for our time. ""Eco-Theology"" shows how theologians from around the world engage with the question of how to respond to the global ecological crisis and the natural and human-made disasters resulting from it. Topics include: 'Earth as Gaia - An Ethical and Spiritual Challenge' (Leonardo Boff), 'Ashes and Dust: On (not) Speaking about God Ecologically' (Anne Elvey), 'Toward and Inter-religious Eco-theology' (Felix Wilfred), 'Learning from the Earth: Reflections on Theological Education and the Ecological Crisis' (John Clammer), and 'Ethical Management of Natural Resources' (Jayapaul Azariah).Wainwright et al, eds.