Concilium 2009/2 Which Religious Heritages for the Future?

by Borgman et al, eds.

Concilium 2009/2 Which Religious Heritages for the Future?
Publication date: 2009-05-26
ISBN: 9780334031031
Religion and heritage : a brief introductory essay / Erik Borgman -- The multiple heritages in Christianity : Jerusalem versus Athens? / Rafael Aguirre -- Europe : a project for the future on the basis of a common heritage / Claude Geffre? -- The imperial paradigm of Russian Orthodoxy / Adriano Roccucci -- Amerindian, African, and Iberian heritages in Latin American Catholicism / Enrique Dussel -- African religions, Christianity, and the modern world : which Christian identity? / Eloi Messi Metogo -- Religious heritages in the Christianity of Eastern Asia : some examples from the Christian history of China and Japan / Matteo Nicolini-Zani -- Hindu heritage in Indian Christianity / Felix Wilfred -- An assessment of the Motu Proprio ""Summorum Pontificum"" : four paradoxes and a forgotten intention / Andrea Grillo -- Et pro Judaeis : the debated Oremus of Benedict XVI / Alberto Melloni -- A proposal to '""remember the Jews"" on Good Friday instead of praying for them / Ansgar Ahlbrecht -- Revisiting anti-Judaism in feminist theology : a response to Maria Clara Bingemer / Katharina von Kellenbach -- Prospects for the second Synod of African bishops / Ignace Ndongala Maduku -- Theological reactions to the remission of the excommunication of four bishops of the Society of St. Pius X / Erik Borgmann.Borgman et al, eds.