Concilium 2007/5 Stages of Life and Christian Experience (v. 5)


Concilium 2007/5 Stages of Life and Christian Experience (v. 5)
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ISBN: 9780334030966
Introduction / Solange Lefebvre and Susan Ross -- Ritual of life-passages : whether or not / David N. Power -- New culture and new ritual requirements : challenges to the church / Louis-Marie Chauvet -- 'Stages of life' theories faced with globalized culture / Norbert Hintersteiner -- Street children on the periphery of the 'family-of-God' church in Africa / Jean-Baptiste Ve?rite? -- Between heroic and deficient : challenges to research on children's spirituality from a Christian theological standpoint / Annemie Dillen -- Spirituality 'from the mouth of babes'? / E?laine Champagne -- In search of a faith of one's own : the changing shape of adolescence as a challenge to the Christian churches / Friedrich Schweitzer -- Pastoral ministry to young people in South America / Jesu?s Andre?s Vela -- Ages of life and Christian faith among religious and former religious / Anthony J. Blasi -- Problem of meaning in the evening of life / Claude Geffre? -- Women and children in the face of social conflict and disaster in Indonesia / Frieda Mangunsong. 154003

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