Comforting the Fearful: Listening Skills for Caregivers

by Leroy Howe

Comforting the Fearful: Listening Skills for Caregivers
Publication date: 2002-11-01
ISBN: 9780809141074
Often Christians ask, how can they be afraid and still have faith? Blending spirituality and psychology, this book offers a comforting perspective on the fears and anxieties that plague everyone. The author shows how to transform fears from crippling emotion into a way to search for God. While of interest to all, the book is especially meant to help lay ministers comfort others.

Clear and accessible, the book blends the wisdom of faith with the insights of several schools of psychology to analyze fear and anxiety.It translates these principles into concrete pastoral action and reveals fears as possible sources of grace and an invitation to open up to God.The book provides caregivers practical help in comforting the fearful and shows how to establish a parish-based program of lay caregivers.Leroy Howe


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