Come Into the Light

by O.S.B.;James Leachman, O.S.B.; Daniel McCarthy , Daniel McCarthy, O.S.B.

Come Into the Light
Publication date: 2016-06-30
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9781848257573

Come Into the Light is an illustrated handbook for understanding the architecture of a church and the arrangement of its interior for the celebration of the liturgy. It offers great practical wisdom to all Christian communities as they reflect on their liturgy and on the buildings in which God is made present daily in ritual and symbol.

This book aims to build an understanding of the constituent features of church buildings, the role they have in worship and the spirit with which they are imbued, so that all who enter today's sacred spaces may find the authentic presence of the living God. Those who read, preach, preside or in any way take part in worship will find great practical inspiration here. This volume includes articles that have appeared over the last five years in the regular Parish Practice feature in 'The Tablet' magazine.

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