Come Follow Me DVD

Come Follow Me DVD
Down through the ages, people have responded in various ways to the invitation of Jesus to follow him. Some of those responses have attracted followers and sparked new and rich spiritual traditions.

In this DVD, Albert Haase, OFM, scholar of Christian spirituality, highlights six of the most vital spiritual traditions in the history of the Church:
  • Benedictines
  • Cistercians
  • Carmelites
  • Dominicans
  • Franciscans
  • Jesuits
Each 30-minute presentation offers insights into the founder, the characteristics, and famous followers of that tradition. You’ll discover some time-tested wisdom that will shape your own response to Jesus’s invitation. Similar in appeal to James Martin’s The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, you’ll enrich your spiritual life and practice as you learn from the experiences of others. A simple Discussion Guide is included for small groups and adult faith formation programs.

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