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Come and See: The Transformation of Personal Prayer

Come and See: The Transformation of Personal Prayer

Centering prayer, both a meditative technique and the experience of God’s presence in every waking moment, continues to gain a faithful following among Episcopalians and Roman Catholics at conferences and in parish and small-group settings. David Keller, close colleague of Thomas Keating and director of Keating’s Contemplative Ministry project, offers practical suggestions for personal prayer, addresses its difficulties, and reveals what is special about it in relation to other prayer traditions.

Short but substantive, this book is for Christians looking for new insights about prayer and for people who are drawn to contemplation, but do not think the church has much to offer them.

Above all, Keller emphasizes that it is the integration of personal prayer and our day-to-day activities that forms a life of prayer. Prayer is a life-long vocation, he reasons, not a separate compartment of life.David Keller
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