Church and Countryside

by Tim Gibson

Church and Countryside
Publication date: 2011-07-27
ISBN: 9780334042037
Church and Countryside is Tim Gibson’s attempt to outline a primer in rural theology. He sees the rural church as having a distinctive character that is grounded in its sacramental life. He also makes practical suggestions about ways in which the church in the countryside can contribute to the flourishing of the communities it serves. Gibson’s work is informed by his own experience of ministry in rural areas. It is shot through with his enthusiasm for, and deep love of, the rural context. Gibson’s insights are derived from an intimate knowledge of the issues facing rural communities in the early 21st Century, and a genuine desire to see the church responding to these issues. For Gibson, the rural church has a unique story to tell about what it means to live in community with one’s fellow creatures. Church and Countryside is an attempt to explore that story, and find ways in which the church’s members can live itTim Gibson