Christianity in a Post-atheist Age


Christianity in a Post-atheist Age
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ISBN: 9780334028697
Christianity is in crisis in the West and is failing to persuade people to adopt a religious lifestyle. This work is directed at anyone willing to have a serious look at the issues involved. Echoing the form of Luther's theses and the intent of Schleiermacher's "Speeches", the text offers 95 discussion starters for bemused contemporaries. It invites readers to think deeply about their own lives and to examine the religious and theological contexts of Britain today. The book then offers a bold proposal for a viable form of Christian belief, drawing heavily but not uncritically on liberal Protestantism. It thus develops further a tradition of Christian thought which SCM Press has done much to promote in the past. The appendices make the book suitable for individual or group study. 146110 Clive Marsh

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