by Ed Newell

Publication date: 2012-03-01
Number of pages: 64
ISBN: 9780232528879

Each and every day we are confronted with choices. Some may be straightforward and involve quick decisions, such as what to have for breakfast or what clothes to wear. Others may be complex and involve long deliberation, such as who to employ or how to handle budgets at home or at work. The consequences of our choices may be of little importance, or they may be life-changing. What is for sure, though, is that the choices we make will shape our lives and the lives of others. How, then, do we decide what to choose? There will be many factors at play, including our mood, upbringing, education, opinions and beliefs.

The purpose of this book is to explore the latter: how we make choices, and in particular how having a Christian faith might inform the decisions we make.

Canon Edmund Newell is Sub Dean at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.
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