Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers

Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers
Publication date: 2014-02-01
ISBN: 9781599823317

The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers, Second Edition is a unique program, differing from traditional religion texts in appearance and approach. Its tested design engages middle school students and maximizes readability and understanding. Used with the Bible, The Catholic Connections Handbook can serve as the primary text for two or three years. The handbook approach is complete in covering the content of faith and flexible in the variety of ways it supports the learning process. The Catholic Connections Handbook will help your middle schoolers grow in their faith and answer the call to be disciples of Christ.

What's new in the second edition?

  • NEW! –The Catholic Connections Handbook is now divided into four sections that align with the four pillars of the Catechism
  • NEW! – Enhanced navigational features make finding the information even easier
  • NEW! – Includes eight new chapters on Scripture 
  • New! – Church History articles are sprinkled throughout to provide young teens with a better understanding of aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices 
Whether middle schoolers encounter this book as part of the Catholic Connections program in faith formation or pick it up out of curiosity, The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers offers great guidance and aims to help young teens learn about all the central aspects of the Catholic faith, including God, Revelation, faith, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, liturgy and Sacraments, Christian morality and justice, and prayer.
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