Call on Me

by Jenifer Gamber

Call on Me
Publication date: 2012-05-31
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9780819227645

This prayer book designed for teens draws from the Book of Common Prayer, relevant prayers written by well known Episcopalians, and ancient prayers rooted in the Bible. New and original prayers are also offered, written by contemporary church leaders in the Episcopal Church, as well as by teens themselves, young adults and youth leaders.

The book is structured in four parts :

  • Daily Prayer. Including morning prayer, table blessings, and night time.
  • Prayers for the Seasons of the Church Year. Blessing of a Christmas tree, prayer for Christ in my life for Easter, prayer for courage to share my faith, and more.
  • Prayers for Daily Life. Before a special school event, before a sports event, before a test,
    being left out, bullying, dating, divorce, doubts, forgiveness, friendship, gratitude, grief,
    guidance, hope, motivation, peer pressure, pets, purpose, and more.
  • Prayers for Important Events. Significant birthday, earning a driver’s license, Confirmation, beginning the school year, starting high school, applying for college, graduating high school, going to college, joining the workforce.
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