by Andrew Davison

Publication date: 2014-09-26
Number of pages: 144
ISBN: 9781848256422
Blessing, whether we are giving it or seeking it, is perhaps one of the most overused but least understood Christian terms. Yet it is a rich biblical concept, with its history reaching back to the earliest Old Testament writings. It is everywhere in our liturgies and is frequently on our lips ('Bless!').

This engaging introduction to blessing unpacks this rich, many-layered word, exploring:
  • what it means to 'Bless the Lord,' which the Bible repeatedly urges us to do
  • blessing as a way of recognising the proper relation of people, things and situations to God
  • the effect of blessing--does it work?
  • the absence of blessing--the pastoral challenge when lives feel more cursed than blessed
  • how blessing enters our lives
  • Christ as the promise of blessing for all
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