Biblical Human Failures

by Walter Vogels

Biblical Human Failures
Publication date: 2006-09-25
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9782895078371

Meet five deeply flawed individuals: Lot, a failed patriarch; Samson, a failed judge; Saul, a failed king; Jonah, a failed prophet; and perhaps one of the most tragic biblical failures of all: Judas, a failed apostle.

In this intriguing book, Walter Vogels looks at what the Bible teaches us about the all-too-human experience of failure. By reflecting on these remarkable experiences of biblical failure, we can learn what it is to be more fully human in our relationship with God.

Walter Vogels is professor emeritus of biblical theology at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. Three of his previous books include Words of Wisdom (Novalis, 2000), Becoming Fully Human (Novalis, 2004) and, in French, Samson, sexe, violence et religion (Novalis, 2005).

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