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Better Get It in Your Soul: What Liturgists Can Learn from Jazz

by Hamilton and Rush , Reid Hamilton, Stephen Rush

Better Get It in Your Soul: What Liturgists Can Learn from Jazz
Publication date: 2008-09-01
Number of pages: 172
ISBN: 9780898695748
This book offers hope to parishes searching for a way to make their liturgies
more meaningful in the local context. Written by a priest and a musician who
have worked together for many years in the Canterbury House ministry at the
University of Michigan, Better Get It In Your Soul describes methods that
demonstrate a respect for others’ gifts and skills, discernment of spiritual
needs, and welcoming the creative force of the Holy Spirit into the planning
process. Though thoroughly based in the Book of Common Prayer liturgy, the
experience and ideas presented here are described in ways that will be useful
to all liturgical denominations.

Congregants at these liturgies have commented: “I only know that I believe
in God – I’m not sure of much else. But I can worship here.” “[It] is a perfect
combination of music of the people and the mystical sense of Christ.”Hamilton and Rush, Reid Hamilton, Stephen Rush