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Belonging to God: Science, Spirituality & a Universal Path of Divine Love

by William Keepin

Belonging to God: Science, Spirituality & a Universal Path of Divine Love
Publication date: 2016-06-23
Number of pages: 300
ISBN: 9781594736216

A breathtaking exploration of divine love in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism―and the writings of leading mystics from these traditions―culminating in a glorious universal path of love that is illuminated equally by modern science and ancient wisdom.

There is a unified call from all religions for the human soul to follow a profound path of love that leads to union with God. Belonging to God examines the commonalities in the scriptures, writings of key mystics and core practices of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism in order to illuminate a clear universal path of divine love. It weaves the common spiritual threads into an elegant theological framework, drawing on recent scientific advances in fractal geometry and quantum physics to emphasize the transforming fire that burns on every level from macrocosm to the microcosm, thereby uniting the human soul with the heart of God. Combining decades of Eastern and Western contemplative practice with scientific research, Belonging to God concludes with twelve principles of divine love that point toward a universal spiritual path of the heart, both within and beyond the religions.

Easy to comprehend and uplifting to read, this interfaith journey will appeal to seekers of all faiths interested in the path of love that bridges the world religions, as well as to believers within the Christian, Hindu and Islamic traditions who are eager to learn exactly how their particular faith intersects in a deep way with other religions. Belonging to God will also inspire students of perennial wisdom, comparative mysticism and the new science, and the large number of "spiritual but not religious" seekers who yearn for a universal path of divine love that honors―yet transcends―traditional religions.

William Keepin