Believing the Creed


Believing the Creed
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ISBN: 9780716206576
In "Believing the Creed", John Ogden offers an unashamedly metaphorical approach to engaging with the truths contained in the creedal statements of the Church. The book explores the context, the content and the challenges of the creeds and asks what it means to believe in their truth. The first section examines how religious language is said to communicate truth. The Apostles Creed is just one of the creeds used in the section on content to draw out the key doctrines of the Church from the perspective of a believing Christian. Modern creedal statements and affirmations are also mined for their meaning and their language and value to modern believing analyzed. The final section extends the debate to issues central to contemporary Christian self-understanding but not directly addressed by the Creed such as the dialog between science and religion and the nature of evil. 159315 John Ogden

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