Belief and Metaphysics


Belief and Metaphysics
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The 'return of metaphysics' evident in both the continental and analytic traditions of philosophy, has been a major intellectual shift in recent years. After Heidegger's attack on metaphysics, with his call for it to be overcome, on the one hand, and a parallel deflation of metaphysics by thinkers opposed to Heidegger, such as Carnap, Quine, and more recently Dennett, metaphysics surrendered its historical importance; the tradition beginning with Plato, and so with Philosophy itself, had seemingly come to an end. Yet it became apparent to many, that what remained in the wake of this demise was either scientistic reductionism, or the mire of cultural relativism. In light of this dire situation, many philosophers returned to the cause of metaphysics. This revitalising of metaphysics is crucial for religion, for the rich, multi-layered world particularly the Abrahamic faiths. This volume offers a major contribution to this timely renaissance, gathering together philosophers, both analytic and continental, theologians, and scientists, all of whom offer a sophisticated alternative to the violence of reductionism, and the nihilism of postmodern relativism. 153531 Chandler & Cunningham, eds.

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