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Backpacking Through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity

by Jesse Zink

Backpacking Through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity
Publication date: 2014-01-10
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9780819229014
• A fresh first-hand take on the Anglican Communion

• Of special interest to younger Episcopalians/Anglicans

Travel with Jesse Zink as he literally walks us through many of church’s most representative provinces—Nigeria, front line of opposition to the American church; South Sudan, leading the way to a peaceful future; England, the mother church, facing an uncertain future; South Africa, once led by an iconic archbishop and now fighting
a devastating AIDS epidemic; and the United States, divided and dwindling, but with hopeful signs of new growth.

The backpacking author has a story to tell that is far different from the one that dominates the headlines. He reveals that when debates about power, history, and sexuality are undertaken in a spirit of mutuality and trust, they can serve to strengthen, not weaken, the Communion. The result is a book that vividly presents slices of local Anglican life around the world, argues convincingly that unity is central to the Communion’s mission, and
presents a credible path to achieving global unity.Jesse Zink

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