Attitude Volume 1: Wholeness, Holiness and Health

by N/A ,

Attitude Volume 1: Wholeness, Holiness and Health
Publication date: 2000-06-01
Number of pages: 136
ISBN: 9781889108421

Each of the three volumes of the Attitude series offers 32 powerful sessions on real-life issues chosen by teens. Each scripture-based session contains a 2-page facilitator's guide that makes preparation time a breeze. A 2-page reproducible participant paper for each session features articles, commentary and activities that appeal to teens. A complete scripture and topic index in each volume makes finding specific sessions easy. The session format offers lots of flexibility and is perfect for weekly or bi-weekly meetings, day-long or weekend retreats or special youth group events.

In Volume 1: Wholeness and Holiness, you'll find session topics that include emotions, questions of faith, growing up and growing closer to God.

N/A, Dirk DeVries

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