At Home With God

by Gavin Long;

At Home With God
Publication date: 2011-03-01
ISBN: 9781557256850

With busy work lives, extra-curricular activities and other pressing demands on the schedule, how does the family live and celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ at home?

With the constant demands and pressures of our daily lives, how do we remind ourselves of our identities as believers? At Home with God seeks to provide fun and simple ways for Christian families to retell and celebrate God's Redemptive Story in the home.

By translating ancient rhythms of our Faith into accessible, easy-to-use tools, At Home with God helps families rediscover the vibrancy of our Faith in everyday life. Through simple daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms, At Home with God reaches back to our rich heritage of faith and helps us discover our identities and roles in God's Redemptive Progress. At Home with God provides insight and practical guidance into adapting these family rhythms to create home environments that foster family fun and creativity. Though the Story is thousands of years old, it is as relevant as ever. From the businessman to the teacher, and from children to the pastor or theologian, At Home with God helps believers of all ages rediscover the beauty of the Great Redemptive Story in home and community life.

Gavin Long is a businessman, pastor, aspiring theologian and two-time divinity school drop-out. While establishing a career as a mergers and acquisitions professional, he and his wife Emily have rooted their ministry in assisting families in rediscovering the Redemptive Story in home, community and work life. Gavin and his family reside in Great Falls, Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C.

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