At Home and the Church: Pupil's Book (Places for Worship)


At Home and the Church: Pupil's Book (Places for Worship)
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ISBN: 9781851753758
The Places for Worship series presents children and their families from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. "At Home and the Church" introduces two children who are both Christian: Tom, whose family goes to an Anglican church, and Megan, whose family goes to a Baptist church. Through the eyes of the children the book explores the key features of their worship at their respective churches. The similarities and differences will be highlighted and discussed by the children and identified for teachers in the Teacher A|s notes in the Big Book. Topics on homes, families and special places are common in early years A| classrooms and address the themes of the non-statutory framework of RE for Foundation and Key Stage 1. Read as a class text, by groups of children or by independent readers, this series provides a lively introduction to each faith and a sound basis for classroom discussion and activities. The language level is appropriate for pupils aged 5-6 (Key Stage 1). The A5-size pupil A|s books are accessible for independent readers aged 6-8 (KS1 and lower KS2) .This series is available in both English and Welsh language editions. 156672 Broadbent & Logan, Lynne Broadbent, John Logan

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