Art of Tentmaking

by ed. Stephen Burns

Art of Tentmaking
Publication date: 2012-01-31
Number of pages: 210
ISBN: 9781848250307

In The Art of Tentmaking an illustrious line up of international contributors from Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist and Lutheran traditions, share their insights on essential aspects of liturgy and liturgical renewal including:

  • Paul Bradshaw on the history of Christian worship
  • Rosalind Brown on participation and the priesthood of all believers
  • Stephen Cottrell on sacramental spirituality
  • Steven Croft on simplicity in the liturgy
  • Carol Doran on the renewal of church music
  • Martyn Percy on openness and inclusivity

and many more.

This book will appeal to all who practice presidency in Christian worship, and have responsibilities for shaping Christian assembly: architects, artists, musicians, as well as clergy and all with focal roles.

Stephen Burns is Research Fellow in Public and Contextual Theology in United Theological College.

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