Apocalypse Then and Now: A Companion to the Book of Revelation


Apocalypse Then and Now: A Companion to the Book of Revelation
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ISBN: 9780809138951
Despite its surreal and rather appalling images, says Roland Faley, the Book of Revelation is a book of real hope, filled with magnificent scenes and poetry. In this work, a commentary on and companion to the Book of Revelation, he makes this mysterious book of scripture, which is particularly relevant with the approaching millennium, accessible to a popular audience. Writing in a simple style, the author takes the Book Of Revelation section by section. Each section contains the particular passage from the Bible, an explanation of the meaning of that passage, based on contemporary biblical scholarship - the "Then," and a pastoral application that contains the author's reflections on the potential practical meaning of that passage for his readers - the "Now." Evil may seem insurmountable, explains, Faley, but this book rooted in faith and written in a time of trial, shows that Christ the Lamb will ultimately triumph. Highlights: * Engaging, enlightening, and inspiring. * The perfect text for Bible study classes and college courses. * Makes this book of the Bible accessible to everyday readers who may not have had the courage to approach this provocative text.Roland J. Faley, Roland J Faley

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