Anthony deMello: The Happy Wanderer

by Bill deMello;

Anthony deMello: The Happy Wanderer
Publication date: 2013-02-28
Number of pages: 302
ISBN: 9781626980204

Anthony deMello, an Indian Jesuit who died in 1987, was among the most popular and influential spiritual teachers of our time. Through his books and retreats he achieved a world-wide following that has only continued to grow in recent years. But who was Anthony deMello? What were the sources that nourished his spiritual development?

In this timely biography, Bill deMello, Tony’s younger brother, provides an honest and intimate portrait. Beginning with his early life in India and his formation as a Jesuit, we follow deMello’s gradual refinement of a new approach to Christian spirituality that integrated eastern and western sources. While acknowledging that his own appreciation of Tony’s message began only after his death, Bill manages to convey that message—an invitation to awaken to the experience of God in daily life—and the impact it has had on countless people.

For all those who have treasured Anthony deMello’s writings and wisdom, this long- awaited biography will be a great gift.

Bill deMello is a perfumer by trade and runs a small company with his son in Sydney, Australia.

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