Ancient Faith, Future Mission

by Steven Croft , Ian Mobsby, Stephanie Spellers, Editors

Ancient Faith, Future Mission
Publication date: 2010-01-31
Number of pages: 184
ISBN: 9781596271241

The spiritual practices and insights of the Anglican tradition make an extraordinary contribution to mission efforts in our postmodern, de-churched, never-churched, yet spiritually hungry society.

In this timely and practical book, pioneers, leaders, and theologians from the US and the UK share their stories and offer reflections for building a future-focused, mission-shaped church that is deeply rooted in sacramental traditions.    

This title includes many well-known contributors: Rowan Williams, Brian McLaren, Steven Croft, Stephen Cottrell, Richard Giles, Phyllis Tickle and priest missioners from traditional Anglican parishes and emergent churches in the US.

Steven Croft is the Bishop of Sheffield. From 2004 to 2009 he was Archbishops’ Missioner and Team Leader of Fresh Expressions. Former warden of Cranmer Hall, he spent 13 years in parish ministry.

Ian Mobsby is a priest missioner in the Church of England, currently with the Moot Community in London. He has more than 20 years' experience working with emerging and fresh expressions of church.

The author of Radical Welcome: Embracing the God, The Other and the Spirit of Transformation, Stephanie Spellers serves as Canon for Missional Vitality in the Diocese of Long Island and as Chaplain to the Episcopal House of Bishops. An influential speaker and consultant, she is recent chair for the Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism and guides leaders starting new communities and sharing the gospel across cultures and generations. Stephanie lives in Brooklyn.

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