An Angel for You

by Anselm Gruen;

An Angel for You
Publication date: 2016-04-01
Number of pages: 288
ISBN: 9780824520410

Spiritual master and Benedictine monk Fr. Anselm Gruen presents a persuasive way to incorporate the ancient wisdom of angels with our modern world as people strive for a happy, fulfilled life.

This inspirational guide explores angel qualities and their meanings, rooting each in Western tradition and revealing how to apply them to everyday life. A resource of comfort and strength, this valuable exploration addresses a wide array of concepts—from universal themes of love, community, and harmony to the encouraging qualities of confidence, enthusiasm, and endurance. To meet the challenges of a changing world, Fr. Gruen brings alive these qualities that make life both full and fulfilled.

The fifty angles in this book are calling us, offering to be companions on our life’s journey. They are messengers of hope that our lives have purpose and that we can achieve our goals. They represent fifty attitudes with the power to shape, energize, and heal our lives.

Meet here the Angels of Exuberance, Safekeeping, Community, Passion, Truthfulness, Risk, Confidence, Warmth, Courage, Freedom, Harmony, Compassion, Quiet, and many more.

Anselm Gruen, O.S.B. is the bestselling author of Angels of Grace. He is a Benedictine monk of the Abbey of Muensterschwarzach in Germany. Widely respected for his ability to present classic spirituality in a contemporary context, he regularly offers workshops for executives and professionals.

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