Alan Hovhaness

Alan Hovhaness

". . . an excellent introduction to the sacred music of this fascinating and deeply spiritual composer."The Diapason/January 2015

Gloriæ Dei Cantores marks the centenary of American composer Alan Hovhaness with this collection of sacred choral works: Alan Hovhaness, From the Ends of the Earth. With selections spanning Hovhaness' rich musical career, this SACD invites the listener to explore the broad-ranging cultures and styles from East and West that the composer loved and sought to portray in his music. The critically-acclaimed Gloriæ Dei Cantores lend their hearts and voices to Hovhaness' "noble desire for the regeneration of mankind," and invite a new generation of listeners to experience his work.

"In the superb hands and voices of Gloriae Dei Cantores, Hovhanness clearly aligns himself with a higher authority."
— Gramophone

Alan Hovaness: From the Ends of the Earth
1 Cantate Domino, Psalm 98, Op. 385 7:26
2 Immortality, Op. 134
Kathy Schuman, soprano
3 Unto Thee, O God, Op. 87, No. 2 1:36
4 Triptych: Ave Maria, Op. 100, No. 1a
Sr. Lydia Ingwersen, Br. Stephen Velie, Oboe; Sr. Marianne Wierzbinski, Daniel Pfeiffer, French Horn; Sr. Seana Shannon, Harp
Simple Mass, Op. 282
Kathy Schuman, soprano; Sr. Phoenix Marcella Catlin, alto;
Br. Richard Cragg, tenor; G. Luke Norman, bass
5 Prelude
David Chalmers, Organist
6 Lord, Have Mercy 1:56
7 Glory to God 3:24
8 We Believe in One God 7:26
9 Holy 2:50
10 Lamb of God 3:51
11 From the End of the Earth, Op. 187 4:49
Three Motets, Op. 259
12 Peace Be Multiplied 2:58
13 God Be Merciful Unto Us
Sr. Phoenix Marcella Catlin, alto
14 Wisdom 2:23
15 Psalm 143: Hear My Prayer, O Lord, Op. 149 3:47
16 I Will Rejoice in the Lord, Op. 42 6:32
17 Why Hast Thou Cast Us Off, Op. 87, No. 1 2:57
18 The God of Glory Thundereth, Op. 140
Br. Richard Cragg, tenor
19 O Lord God of Hosts, Op. 27 4:51
  Total Time: 75:33

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