Advent and Christmas (Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton)

by The Merton Institute for Conte;

Advent and Christmas (Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton)
Publication date: 2010-05-01
ISBN: 9781594711954
In this accessible introduction to the writings of Thomas Merton, small-group participants are led on a path of spiritual growth from the first week of Advent through Christmas. Each of the books five sessions focuses on a distinct theme: hope, salvation, compassion, tenderness, or incarnation. The structure of each session includes prayers, a brief thematic introduction, probing dialogue questions, and a reading from Merton paired with a reading from one of five other spiritual masters, including Gerard Thomas Straub, Anne D. LeClaire, Olivier Clment, Michael Casey, and Christopher Bamford. This contemplative approach provides a welcoming haven during the midst of a hectic season for existing small groups or for those looking for deeply rewarding reflection on the meaning of Advent and Christmas. 202455 The Merton Institute for Conte;, The Merton Institute for Contemplative L
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