A World Of Wonders: Prayers And Pictures


A World Of Wonders: Prayers And Pictures
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ISBN: 9780898694345

Reading level: Children up to age 12

There are lots of ways to pray. Some people kneel down, put their hands together, close their eyes and talk to God. I like to pray when I am walking round with my eyes open . . . . I think that prayer is a way of looking at the world. When I pray, I see how beautiful the world can be and also how sad. . . . Each of us needs to find our own way of praying. Making pictures with my camera is something that helps me. It opens my eyes to see just how full of wonders the world is. . . . From the Introduction

A World of Wonders captures the creative imagination and opens the reader to prayer as being with God. The prayers address change, the seasons, anger, birthdays, being loved, creativity, and the environment. Use this beautiful full-color book of prayers and pictures for praying at home with your children or as a birthday or Christmas gift.

156967 Robert Cooper

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