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A Stewardship Parish

A Stewardship Parish

Following the success of his book Living Stewardship: How to Be Grateful, Generous and in the Moment, where Fr. Darrin Gurr fashioned a stewardship spirituality for the individual, the author now presents us with a book for lay and clerical that explores what stewardship might look like in the parish and how a parish might develop it as a model. But this is not an ordinary parish stewardship model. Gurr explores parish stewardship in light of our new realities in a post-pandemic church. As a pastor for over two decades, Gurr surmises that those whose membership within a parish before Covid-19 was primarily based on the social networking experience or on a sense of obligation will unlikely return. Coasting as a parish will no longer suffice, as the North American Catholic parish will never return to 'normal'. Gurr sees this reality in a positive light: it offers those who remain an opportunity to develop an intentional discipleship, one that will spur the community into a life of love and service to the world.Darrin J.G. Gurr
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