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A Short History of the Mass

by O.PRAEM.; Alfred McBride , Alfred Mc Bride O.Praem

A Short History of the Mass
Publication date: 2006-11-21
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9780867167443
From the Last Supper, to the Mass of the Apostles, from house churches to medieval cathedrals, from the Tridentine Mass to the sweeping reforms of Vatican II, the Mass has undergone many changes in two thousand years. Yet, for Catholics, the Mass is the source and summit of our faith and remains, at its core, eternally unchanged and unchanging.

Alfred McBride expertly guides us through the history of the Mass—the meaning of each element, the saints who illumined our understanding of it, the Church and political influences that challenged it. With dozens of illustrations, McBride offers a clear explanation for those new to the Mass and a deep revelation for those well-acquainted with it.
O.PRAEM.; Alfred McBride, Alfred Mc Bride O.Praem

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