A Servant Leader's Journey: Lessons from Life


A Servant Leader's Journey: Lessons from Life
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ISBN: 9780809145683
In 2004, after being told that he had Lou Gehrig's disease, the Author began writing A Servant Leader's Journey. This, his final published work, is a not only series of reflections on coping with a fatal disease, but also an insightful examination of living and dying. Much of the book draws on the author's extensive understanding of leadership and the factors that cause people to either accept or reject leaders. A Servant Leader's Journey is a book that will have a broad appeal, especially for anyone interested in coping with adversity. As he reflects on his own pending death, and on the important events of his life, the author, already a gifted observer of human nature, offers timeless wisdom for those who wish to lead well. 155051 Jim Boyd

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